A brief history

History of the tavern

In the early 1900s, Giuseppe Sega and his wife Anna Bonamini, originally from Illasi, ran an inn called “Bepi ala busa”.

The level of the street at the time was about half a metre lower than it is today, and as the name of the square suggests, Piazza Pozza (pozza = puddle) was used to collect rainwater in the depressions here to water the vegetable gardens. This also explains the name “Busa”, meaning hole in the local dialect.

The inn was known for its quality wine and affordable prices. At the back, there was a bocce court, traces of which were visible even before the building was renovated in 1993.

During the work, sisters Anna and Guerrina explained that on the ground floor «…gh’era l’Osteria da Bepi ala Busa e che proprio lì tacà e ala porta gh’era el camin, davanti sul prà gh’era un vespasiano ed un gran albaro, de drio el campo de le boce. Un giorno l’Oster l’aveva crià con dei clienti parchè l’avea alsà e preso del vin e alora lori i avea fondà el Calmier par calmierar el preso del Vin». (“…there was the Osteria da Bepi ala Busa, and right next to it, at the door, there was the fireplace, and at the front, in the field, there was a urinal and a large tree, behind the bocce court. One day, the owner quarrelled with some customers, because he had put up the price of the wine, so price controls were set to keep the price down”.)